Revolutionising Spray Dryer Technology: PDV's Engineering Excellence Sets Global Standards14 Jan 2024

When Product and Process Specialist consultant Brent Prankerd became Production Manager of a facility with the largest spray dryer in New Zealand at the time, the drying plant had significant problems with blockages in an area of the plant that historically had been known to be troublesome. Financially the spray dryer’s performance was causing considerable issues, especially since at the time, it was responsible for processing a notable portion of the Waikato’s milk.

Having already worked with PDV at a prior site and successfully managing several processing projects that were all associated with the production of milk powders, Brent was confident to engage the PDV team.

PDV, along with Brent and a couple of his colleagues, designed and trialled a solution, which ultimately became the perfect solution. The large multi-national company that built this type of spray dryer, ultimately adopted this new solution as part of their standard design and all the spray dryers they’ve built since have incorporated that particular piece of process design.

“PDV played a very significant role in creating what became the preferred design of these spray dryers today,” says Brent. “You would absolutely describe the design contribution from PDV in this area as being world-class. Similarly in other parts of the infant formula process the PDV business has also provided world-class solutions.”

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