PDV Consultants is a New Zealand success story. Right from the start, the company was built on trust between us and our clients. They have come to recognise our ability to design bold, innovative, and safe hygienic systems that are tailored to their specific requirements. From our humble beginnings in 1990, we have grown into a trusted international engineering consultancy firm. Inspired by our past, we intend to carry on that vision to continually develop our engineering expertise to deliver world-class solutions. Read our story below.



We are a New Zealand company

PDV was founded in 1990 by David and Anne Platts. Over David’s career he gave back to the industry by mentoring and providing opportunities and internships for the next generation of process engineers.

Born and raised in South Yorkshire, England, David began working as a technician in the food research industry after leaving school at the age of 15. In 1972, he immigrated to New Zealand and within a week, had two job offers and consequently worked for New Zealand Co-operative Dairy Company (NZCDC), the precursor to Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd. His expertise within the food processing industry took David and his family to the Netherlands in the early 1980s to work for Stork Friesland, now Tetra-Pak, as a design engineer. He was transferred back to New Zealand where he was at the forefront in developing the first nutritional infant formula manufacturing plant in New Zealand at NZCDC in Waitoa. When the New Zealand office closed in 1990, David took a leap of faith and started his own engineering consulting business, and Platts Drievap Engineering—as PDV was then known— was launched in October 1990.
David travelled the world with his team delivering projects to the world’s leading food companies, while Anne oversaw the management of the business. Over the past three decades, the company grew from a couple of engineers to a team of over 25 fully qualified professionals.
David was awarded the prestigious CHEMECA medal in 2018 for his outstanding contribution to the service of chemical engineering. David and Anne retired in November of the same year leaving the reigns to Gerard O’Connor, then Asia-Pacific Engineering Manager, and his team to continue work as usual.
Our team at PDV Consultants have been mentored and developed by David for over 20 years. PDV will continue to provide the same level of service and expertise our global clients have come to expect.


Our Company Values

We continue to live our core values as a company and you can experience this first-hand when you engage and work with us at PDV.