About us

PDV was founded in October 1990 by the now retired David and Anne Platts. Over David’s career he gave back to his industry by mentoring and providing opportunities and internships for the next generation of chemical engineers. David was at the forefront of developing the first nutritional infant formula manufacturing plants in New Zealand, he travelled the world with his team delivering projects to the world’s leading food companies. Over the past three decades David and Anne’s company grew from a couple of engineers to over 25. Anne and David retired in November 2018, leaving the reigns to Gerard O’Connor, Managing Director and his team to continue work as usual – delivering integrated solutions using the latest process technologies and providing a “whole of process” solution which has been developed over many years of operating in the dairy, food and pharmaceutical industries.

In the words of David Platts “New Zealand engineers are world-leaders in innovation and invention – at looking at problems and generating solutions -it’s important to keep our number-eight wire approach to problem solving alive”.


"Our clients recognise the real value of using well-engineered food processing systems and the competitive edge those systems provide through cost savings, productions and energy efficiency, flexibility along with complete system integration

If you are considering an upgrade, expansion or greenfield development, PDV Consultants' team of chemical process and mechanical engineers guarantee a professional solution that is tailored to your exact process requirements"

Gerard O'Connor
Managing Director