Pioneering Innovation in New Zealand's Infant Formula Industry12 Dec 2023

New Zealand has a very successful dairy industry that continually invests a great deal of money, and because of that, it consistently creates a wide array of projects for engineers.

Over the last 20 years, PDV has been involved in many projects supportive of the infant formula industry in New Zealand, a highly regulated and demanding area to work in, with very high-quality standards, known for pushing the boundaries in terms of people’s knowledge and capabilities.

Product and Process Specialist Brent Prankerd from PNF Solutions has worked with PDV as a client since the late 1980s and says that the company is at the forefront of some of the industry’s more challenging requirements in the food industry. As a company, PDV therefore provides some very special and unique working opportunities for engineers.

“When you’re producing infant formulas for babies, you’re adding a huge array of micronutrients to match a complex formulation. Any problem with addition of one of these micronutrients and the resulting product doesn’t meet the regulatory requirements.

“I’ve worked with PDV multiple times and in this area, we’ve made very innovative and clever solutions to help facilitate this micronutrient addition into the process with a design that minimises the labour input but also minimises the risk of mistakes.”

Together PDV and Brent have put this solution in place several times, and each time it’s got slightly better with innovation and the collaborative work between PDV’s team and the client.

“From the outside looking in, it’s PDV’s ability to develop great working relationships that sets them apart. PDV is a nice, friendly, and collaborative space in which to work.

“It’s clear the team really does care about the customer and achieving successful outcomes for their clients is the real focus. They’re very professional in their approach, friendly, warm, a wonderful group to work with. Irrespective of the challenge or pressure they face on a project, they bring their capability to the table and will work hard to get the right solution.”

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