Bold. Innovative. Customised.

From conception to detailed work, the development of our designs is carried out in-house. This way, we are able to cater to your exact requirements and offer unique solutions. We have the capability to carry out 3D modelling, CFD simulation, stress analysis and more, to ensure you and your process get the best possible design.


  • Detailed engineering design and specification of both new and reconfigured plants

  • Process optimisation of capacity and energy efficiency to deliver products of differing functional characteristics to meet the rapidly changing needs of consumer markets

  • Development of energy and mass transfer studies for food processing design, evaluation, specifications and test work

  • Performance benchmarking and improvement through various simulation and computer modelling techniques

  • Air handling and heating including energy recuperation systems

  • In-house capability for P&IDs, 3D modelling, CFD, equipment drawings, and plant layouts.

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